Booking Forms

Longcourse Cattery – Booking Forms – available to download here or you can call in and collect a Booking Form from our Cattery Office at any time.

Terms & Conditions

At Longcourse Cattery we only accept cats with up-to-date vaccinations for Feline Enteritis and Feline Calici virus (Cat Flu) and that have been treated for flea and worm parasites prior to their holiday with us. 

We are happy to administer any regular oral medication to your cat(s) while they are with us at no additional charge.

Any cat suffering or suspected of suffering from any infectious illness or disease during their stay with us will be moved to our isolation facility, for both their safety and that of our other guests, pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon.  In the unlikely event that your cat does become unwell, we will do whatever is required to ensure the best care for your cat.  In the first instance we will talk to your own Vet as they will have all necessary notes and history for your cat, or in the event of an emergency we will contact our own Vet.  Treatment and care charges are the responsibility of you, the cat(s) owner.

We take great care to ensure that we remain free of fleas and worms to that your cat does not contract them while staying with us.  If we do find that a cat in our care has either, we will again speak to your Vet and ensure the cat is treated accordingly.

Before your cat(s) come to stay with us, you will be required to complete two forms:-

  1. Booking form – this gives us all of the details we require from you i.e, dates, cat(s) details, food preferences, emergency contact information.
  2. Authorisation for veterinary treatment.  This will be kept on record by us for any future stays your cat(s) may have with us.

What to bring with you: All cats must be brought in a suitable carry case, and the only thing you MUST bring is your cats vaccination card on the day of arrival (you must bring this every single time your cat comes on holiday). You’re welcome to bring a bed/blanket/item of clothing/favourite toy/treats. We advise that you remove your cats collar before they come on holiday due to safety reasons. If you would like us to groom your cat please bring their brush.

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